Today’s Word is… RESPECT

97….98….99 and….100 posts. Never thought this blog would take it this far…

Anyway doe….i’ll save the fanfare for 10000 views, I got something else on the noggin.

I admit was a little ignorant to what was going on in Stuebenville.  It wasn’t until I started hearing more about the reaction to the media coverage that I went back and read up on it.  The outcry felt there was too much sympathy towards the delinquents, that anyone even associated with such a heinous act should stir no feelings but anger and disgust.  However, I feel there’s just blame to go all around, but that’s not where I’m going with this.  The other underlying theme was an overall respect (or lack thereof) for women.  That an unconscious teen is not “fair game”, that we’ve become a society where hits and likes have become more important than mere decency.  Even as a teen I’ve always stuck to my moral code, remaining who I was despite my circle. 

I go back to when I was 9, when my parents decided that it was best that my brother live with my father.  I was upset, I went on the back porch and cried.  My father before he left came and told me to first cut all that crying out but that I needed to stand tall and be the man of the house, that even as the 2nd youngest I would still be counted on to be the ultimate protector of the women in this house.  It was something that made me proud, I took out the trash with pride (for a week).  My mother would later give me somewhat of the same speech, and so began a new experience living in a house full of women. 

It gave me perspective and an appreciation for women.  My friends……well they wasn’t so lucky.  Fast forward to high school pretty much the same age as the Stuebenville kids.  I was the last amongst my friends to have sex (well as time passed it became clear who was lying, I let em cook tho).  Even lying was too disrespectful to my liking, I had female friends but I was always willing to kill any rumors and take the ribbing that followed.  My boys however made it their prerogative to get that notch on that belt, they would have girls bring a friend for their friend my name Kweli.  We had taken them in some abandoned apartment in the neighborhood, I think he told them we just got the place…they went for it for reasons I don’t quite understand.  They all took their respective girls to whichever room they desired and left me, her and a big elephant in the room.       

Me and whatshername actually hit it off, but not like a bend her over this window sill way but there’s something here way.  She could tell I wasn’t like the others, little did I know that would be a knock against me…..

Actually I think ima leave that here….a cliffhanger, how’s that for a 100th post


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