Today’s Word is… VALENTINE

I actually like Valentine’s Day.  Whether I’m lonely, taken or juggling, there’s just an innocence to the day I enjoy. I’ve never been one of those single people who protested the very existence of the day, just as I am a non smoker I see no reason to hate of 4/20.  The common objection is that love should be cherished and celebrated 24/7, true, however we should be thankful everyday and yet celebrate Thanksgiving.  Despite the over-commercialism of the day, it is still indeed a day of love, I just cannot find too many faults in that.  Valentine’s Day has all but been hi-jacked from the women, men are pretty much expected to just take the ego boost and the sex he would’ve gotten anyway.  Men typically act like they don’t care for the day, because a grown man being upset about Valentine’s Day has to be a level 10 man law violation, but back in the back of their heads, behind missing football, NBA All Star Weekend, bacon, and boobs we care. A little.  But for myself, I can say I like Valentine’s Day primarily because…

still better than Applebees on V-Day

5. Mutual gifts- I will eat your fruit/chocolate, enjoy you in your lingerie, eat the same food I’ve prepared/bought (because I hate restaurants on  V-Day you come across some of the most appalling service) and bask in your glow when you open your present.  Last year my valentine even bought me a gift, a basketball, it was the wrong size and I had to exchange it but I was still shocked I actually got anything.

4. Brownie Points- A relationship is full of ups and downs, and I’ve heard that I might possibly not be the greatest guy to deal with, I need all the ups I can get.  When I inevitably piss her off, I want her to remember why she puts up with me (of course this doesn’t always work, I done been dumped on Valentines day, after dinners, after shopping, i’ve had a disastrous dating life so far)

3. Boasting- I’m a showoff.   I’m not about to spend my tax refund on her gift but I will be as public as possible.  I will send an edible arrangement (which are extremely overrated as well but what I hate more is giving flowers, I’d buy a rose plant than a bouquet, why waste money on something that will die), I will walk down the street holding a big ass bear with Meek Mill “I’ma Boss” blasting.  There’s a difference between posting everything you do online and just doing so publicly, online implies you want people to know; it reeks of overcompensation.

2. Make her happy- You can wage war on Hallmark, western civilization, Godiva and Mars candy company, but at the end of the day, if she cares about Valentines Day, you have to pretend to.  But that’s pretty much the standard for anyone in a relationship, building a tolerance to do a bunch of crap you really see no point in, like buying a Keurig when you already own a perfectly good 10 cup coffemaker

1. Celebrate Love- Contrary to popular belief, we don’t always set aside time to just bask in ones adoration.  Valentine’s Day as silly of a custom as it may be, is the day to do just that.   It shouldn’t be a chore, and if it is you should really evaluate if said person is the one for you.  Money isn’t the issue, you can get a card and make breakfast in bed and still show the same message.

Happy Valentine’s Day



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2 responses to “Today’s Word is… VALENTINE

  1. i went through a period of being single on vdays, so instead of being salty about it, i went and bought kids valentines and mailed them to my friends!

    care bears, dora, whatever the theme was for the year (did this for a few years). it was hilarious because they are obviously not meant to be mailed, the stamp was like 1/5 the size of the whole envelope.

    but lemme tell ya.. people loved them. i had a close guy friend, hardcored dred who was mad when i stopped sending them.

    i took it back to elementary school when life was oh so simple then.

    think i might bring it back in 2014.

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