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Today’s Word is… APOLOGIZE

One of my favorite Kanye songs is a little known track called “Apologize” off his debut mixtape Freshman Adjustment.  It’s vintage Ye, soul sample, witty lyrics, even a not too shabby job singing the hook with no autotune. Oh the simple times.  I was disappointed when it didn’t make the actual album but if he can take “Home” off that same mixtape and revive it (even if Coldplay ruined it) there’s still chance he can remaster and release this someday even if he gave the beat to Missy and Monica.  Anyway, what stands out about the song is its a rarity when a man actually takes accountability for his gender as a whole.  Hell, even I consider myself a different caliber of man than some of these overprocreating, women beating, adulterous, irresponsible ones that’s plaguing the dating market.  And contrary to the media, the divide isn’t race based, there’s some awful white guys out here too.

Apologize stands out because rather than Ye throwing on a cape and playing Captain SaveaHeaux like Ne-Yo (seriously dude writes two different songs called Let Me Love You…he’s the Super Captain). He takes a different approach, he’s not perfect but he’s a healthy alternative. This song popped right in my head midway through the Daughter post. There’s so many great, sweet, beautiful women out there, I’m one guy. Maybe there’s an army of good dudes trapped underground while Banes run the city, otherwise I’m on my own I guess. But I guess that is too Captain SaveaHeauxish to simply want to be with every one. Or polygamist. I don’t know.

I was talking to “Her” (Yeah Idk how it happened either) and she was telling me about a guy from what I can tell, don’t want her. She tossed in a shot about how I don’t want her either, how it must be her. Another friend, can’t keep a man longer than a few months. Then there’s the women I’m talking to but we’re not quite at that level yet. There’s my neighbors, coworkers, followers, readers, I’m surrounded by a plethora of seemingly good quality yet single women. Are men really that greedy? Like I said I’m one guy, I can only have one. The rest are left wondering what’s rotten in the state of Denmark.

In the song, the woman went from bicuriousity to focusing on her grind as the alternative to the frustrations behind dating. In real life it’s almost the same, women are just flat out done unless a Ne-Yo swoops in and loves them until they learn to love themselves. Cinderella never says what happened to the women who got all dolled up for the Prince and shoved that glass shoe on they foot only to end up as single as they were 2 days ago. Who knows what will become of the women of my past when I find a cutie pie with whom I wanna be. I guess when you do find that one, you don’t care, or maybe you do but not as much as you do for her.

Compassions aside, at the end of the day you can only change one mind, one heart at a time. Try to do more and you’re no different than every other guy, perhaps even worse because you think you’re helping. The knight in shining armor comes on a horse for one more not a caravan (no more metaphors I swear). The best you can do is find one and getting as far away from the ravenous dating market as you can and the rest, Well, they are just going to have to improvise.

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