Today’s Word is… CATFISH


I hate the channel formerly known as Music Television.  I loathe ‘Teen Mom”, the cast of Jersey Shore makes my head hurt and they have run childhood favorites like “Saved by the Bell” and “Martin” into the ground.   However, my guilty TV pleasure as of late is MTV’s Catfish.  For those who don’t know what it is about, it’s about a guy who fell in love online she turned out to be someone else now he goes around exposing otne romances to show that there’s plenty of people as dumb and naive as he was  documenting the stories of  people in passionate online relationships  as they meet their would-be soulmates in person for the first time.  What results is hilarity and embarrassment all finished off with an attempt to make sense of it all but it goes over as well as a Jerry Springer Final Thought.  It’s the dramatic irony that draws me in as I and most of my twitter followers already seem to know the truth, but we watch the star “Nev” uncover in 10 minutes what the oblivious daters could’ve done years ago.  Part of me feels it’s scripted because it’s so painfully obvious.  People can’t possibly be like this, can they?

I think besides the fact that it’s 2013 and you can videochat on your freaking cell phone, I can never be catfished because I bore too easily.  Some people on the show been in relationships for years, no meetings, no calls, just texts.  I just couldn’t deal.  I’ve said before open to a long distance relationship (okay honestly, that whole post was written with one person in mind) but I really don’t think I’m up to it.  I flirt online but aside from my e-crush (who is amazing but I’m still realistic) and maybe another one, I don’t look at it as much more than entertainment.   Even when I tried, the reality sets in. I’m craving something I can’t have.  I forget what was the fight that ultimately made me and “Ms.” call it quits, but I do know all my fight for us died when she boarded that plane.  It’s amazing how these people on Catfish are in love with projections, they have a willpower stronger than mines.

Then there’s the lie.  I’ve been a catfish before, never to the extreme of fake pictures (finding another man attractive enough to want to be him, even to meet women is suspect).  There was the time when I wasn’t sure of myself, I lied about things that didn’t matter.  It ultimately cost me someone I was really falling for, and though she felt the same it was the shattered credibility that assure we could never be together.  All the catfishes thought eventually the person could forgive and love them for them and so far they were all wrong.  I really thought she would forgive me.  I was baffled she didn’t, so much I got rude and immature about it.  Looking back at it now I can’t blame her, I can’t blame the people on the show.  Some say they come off as vain because they are primarily average looking people expecting models but it’s more the principality.  There’s also the embarrassment of being with someone who blatantly lied to you, it’s one thing if you’re Kobe Bryant, another if you’re an unemployed 30 something who pretended to be a stripper.

Its almost sad that catfishing is so common.  It’s an unfortunate market of supply and demand; people so self conscious to lie, people so desperate to believe them.  There’s just way too many alternatives for me to end up with a girlfriend across the country who can’t even sext only has facebook pictures to share or to end up with  liar who happened to be sweet while she was lying.
“Not I” said the little black boy.








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  1. –it’s 2013 and you can video chat on your freaking cell phone–
    That right there is why I can’t believe this happens IRL.

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