Today’s Word is… TRAGIC

EDITORS NOTE: As I sat to write my post…I was truly at a loss of words. What to say about something so heinous, so unnecessary, so heartbreaking. However, I come across one of my favorite blogs who’s managed to get the words out I couldn’t….Today’s new Word is TRAGIC

Love Jays

27 people dead. 6 adults. 1 shooter. 20 children.

20 kids.

Twenty kids who went to school today with smiles on their faces. Twenty kids who hugged and kissed mommy or daddy goodbye and yelled “see you later”. Twenty parents who drove off to work or back home never imagining the horrific news that would follow, forever changing their lives. Twenty innocent, happy, full of life children who will never have the opportunity to understand the beauties this great life has to offer. Twenty souls who have left this Earth far too soon.

Words cannot express the brokenness my heart feels for not only the victims of this terrible tragedy, but for all Americans and parents who get the opportunity to tell their loved ones “I love you” one more time or feel the warming embrace of their child’s hug. Empathy is not strong enough to cover the emptiness and brokeness of…

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