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Today’s Word is… THINSGIVING

According to my diet-not diet plan, I’m still on schedule.  I’ve lost 6.6 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks.  But now comes the boss battle: Thanksgiving.   The time for food, fun, family and football.  As you know I aim to keep my meal plans as unlimited as realistically possible, especially since I’m doing this by myself; if I set too many strict rules I will break them. Who’s gon stop me? Me? I’m not going to beat myself up like I’m Jim Carrey before he started doing all those sappy dramatic movies chasing an Oscar.  So I will have cheesecake, my egg nog, my turkey with gravy.  But I will set some guidelines as well to assure I still have a thinning Thanksgiving…a Thinsgiving if you will…


Pre-day Fast- I’m an intermittent intermittent faster.  Some days I commit to it 2 days a week, others no so much.  But tomorrow it’s nothing but water and maybe small veggie portions.



High Fiber Breakfast- After fasting, to avoid going ham at Thanksgiving I will refuel with a high fiber breakfast, probably oatmeal with apples and nuts.

Workouts- Today is naturally my rest day but I think I will work out today and rest tomorrow since I’ll be fasting and don’t want to do both in the same day.  Thursday I will get a workout in the morning, and try to sneak something in after eating, maybe I’ll bring my PS Move or something.

Portions- I cook with plenty of low fat ingredients so I don’t worry about portions as much as I should.  However ,since I’m not cooking I have no idea whats going to be in anything I’m eating, so to be safe eat a little of everything.

Mingle and stuff- An easy way to not overeat is to stay busy, talk and mingle with friends and family and not just stuff my face with food and alcohol because some drama is bound to go down and just want to stay out of it and not get drunk quickly so you dont have to go pick no one up or go to the store

Alcohol- I’ll go with wine, drink my L straight, and not get so riled up over the Patriots game I get too drunk I forget all about this guide

Seriously, you not going to make any sacrifices- Okay no dark meat, cranberry sauce, or sweet potatoes…

You don’t like those anyway- Fine, no stuffing, chips/dip, or egg nog…

Don’t become this person.


Requiem- Thursday will be bad enough, but if go and do the same thing Friday and Saturday then I’ll surely see it on the scale the next Monday.  I fully intend to enjoy my holiday, and my holiday alone.  Friday it is back to business as usual.  I’m realistic that I probably won’t lose three pounds this week but if I come out this weekend even at the same weight I was prior I’ll take it as a win.


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