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So I went from a victim dependent on government to someone who was basically bribed and duped into voting.  Cool story, Mitt.  What’s hilariously awful about that quote is the complete lack of accountability.  It wasn’t the months of job growth, getting owned in the last two debates, the fact you completely ignored the latino vote, it was the gifts.  At least he didn’t blame affirmative action.  Some people can’t admit they were wrong. Its understandable, being wrong is a horrible, humbling feeling.  However, it’s a necessary evil, if you don’t make mistakes how will you ever learn?  Mitt thought he had it all figured out, and he lost. Fairly easily at that.  I assume he won’t be back in 2016, and in the event he did, he’ll suffer the same fate unless he learns what he’s doing wrong (which is simply talking).  In relationships, it’s the same way, you don’t enter a relationship with an expiration date in mind, everyone expects they’re next relationship to be the last.  Breakups are the reality that you were wrong, that he/she isn’t the one, or that it’s not time yet.  It’s also a reality that you may not be ready for what you think you want, but so many neglect that fact, they never look in the mirror they rather point at others and take no accountability.

I could say the same for the ones I was with who seem to come out of the relationship with their own edits.  One girl has convinced herself I never loved her, I was cheating, I was afraid of commitment. It sounds good to tell her friends when they ask about me, the quotes/subliminals that don’t apply honestly might get some sympathy likes on Facebook but deep down she knows better.  Until she learns to trust, until she learns to communicate, until she stops blaming everyone else and takes control of her life, I don’t see any man that will deal with it.  Another fights tooth and nail, that the chef boyardee of a relationship she offered was the finest Italian cuisine.  Her heart is shattered, she may never love again, I will never find another like her, but in reality she and I know she held back.  She placed us on the thinnest of ice and waited for it to crack, I never got a fair shake.  Unless she finds someone willing to obey her every command (maybe not unlikely there are plenty of spineless men out there) she will find herself alone.  I wish anyone I ever loved well, I’m not that cynical.  However, I know firsthand that it wasn’t (all) me, it was them, and as I continue to grow and better myself they are both still with their fingers pointed at me.  I’ll be the villain, say I’m just like the others, but even in that event how do you change to avoid meeting ones like me?

One thing you may notice on this blog is I take responsibility for a lot of things.  I’m willing to admit I’m wrong, humble enough to write it out for the whole world to see.  I’ve failed in relationships and though I’m typically right I’m still aware of things I could’ve done better, things I shouldn’t have said, women I should’ve never bothered with.  I know I perhaps flirt too much, write checks I’m not ready to cash, shut down when I’m upset,  love too hard, or love too little, these and more is why I’m taking my time to know myself before my next courtship.  Instead of Mitt Romneying, I want to know where I go wrong and learn my own red flags. Hold myself accountable, just as I do with work or my weight.  Fault really was all on my exes tho.  *awaits my Obama gifts*




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