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Today’s Word is… TYPE

“I’m like Times New Roman, I’m everybody’s type” – Unknown, or I just made it up

“What type of girls you like?” Is a question that’s been asked since the dawn of time. I’m sure Eve asked Adam like she wasn’t the only one there. I always spit out vague, cliche, fortune cookie esque answers because I really don’t have a type.  I’m not a man whore or even desperate anymore.  I’m just really open minded, I’ve dated gothic juggalo types, hoodrats, nerds, ditzes, prudes, heauxs, big, small, short, tall, white, black, latina, asian…I’m really not a man whore tho.  However, dating is one thing, relationships are another. My girlfriends are all somewhat the same, aggravating *cue rimshot*.  When you take all their qualities and mix them up there are quite a few that they all shared.  What results is my type: the girl next door with a few twists.  I try to date outside the box but I always go back to what I know because she fits me.  Some girls I have to oversell certain qualities while pulling back on others, my type accepts all of me because it’s her as well.  She isn’t exactly like me, I’ve tried that girl as well, it didn’t last long, she complements me.  For example…

I’m reserved, she’s very friendly- This is usually how it starts, while I have no problem approaching women now than say 4 years ago, I’m typically to myself admiring from afar.  She approaches me, breaks the ice and once I feel a bite, I reel it in.  In a relationship, it’s the same way, I’m not very talkative to other people but she makes us both look good.

I overthink, she’s low maintenance– I’ve gone above and beyond to impress a girl I liked, with her I don’t have to try so hard.  She’s genuinely happy with the little things and I never feel like she’s settling or that I need to do more to keep her satisfied.  I read too much into things and she knows just how to keep me out of my head

I’m a homebody, as is she- I love to go out on occasion but typically a quiet night at home is my comfort zone.  She’s not in the club every night and not interested in anyone she meets there.  If we do meet, we usually click on how we rather not be there and this is a rare occurence.

I’m slightly jealous, she’s a diamond in the rough- Of course she’s attractive but she can walk up the street without 5 dudes hounding her.  She attracts enough attention to know I got something special but not too much I feel like I’m in over my head.  She doesn’t dress over the top and when she does I’m on her arm.

I don’t care, she’s not a complainer- I have no interest in other peoples small problems, I simply don’t care that much.  She understands that and doesn’t bother me with things irrelevant to us..okay I’m dreaming, women will always make you listen to unimportantness but my type of girl keeps its as minimal as possible

I have diverse interests, she shares a few- I’m ridiculously random to the point no one will have everything in common with me.  But some shared interests help, watch the game with me, come see this exhibit, understand the basics of my job, dont just call me a number cruncher I will kick you.

Well that’s the good, there’s also the bad that I have little to no tolerance for.

She’s sensitive, I’m a jerk- I always assume I can’t be misinterpreted, and it almost always backfires.  Have the “rude” things I say weren’t meant to be taken that way or something minor I did is the end of the world.  I’m aware I’m not perfect, all I ask is the woman I’m with to not expect me to be

She’s overly sexual, I’m not- Well rarely have a met a woman who was notches above me on the freakiness meter, okay maybe 2-3 but they are just into some other 50,000 shades of gray ish or they are simply too promiscuous for my liking.

Beats by Dre were created with this in mind

She’s confrontational, I’m not- I hate arguing.  I’ve gotten in fist fights with my closest friends because I got tired of arguing and squared up.  It gives me headaches, and most of the time I’m right anyways but she’s too emotionally invested to realize it yet.  Some would say I’m avoiding the issue but I’m more not right now.

She’s stubborn, so am I- I’m admittedly stubborn, if she is as stubborn as I am then who is going to break the stalemate.  I don’t want other people in our business, that’s another thing I’m stubborn about.

She’s clingy, I need my space- My best female friend is my best female friend because she will always be around and I never had any romantic interest in her because she’s extremely clingy.  Some days I just don’t want to be bothered, there’s no right or reason, let me live.

So there’s my type, now if only I can find her….



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