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Today’s Word is… GLOSSARY

I got a gchat from a reader (something that is encouraged, seriously, talk to me…I be lonely). She recently stumbled upon the blog and is somewhat confused about who’s who.  And it makes sense, I really want to get into Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad but I’m so far behind.  So this post are for the new readers who don’t feel like reading 50 posts to know whats going on. This is a perfect opportunity to give a quick recap on the cast and characters written about so far.   And its another sly trick to keep my 30 in 30 streak alive and a way to resurrect old posts that were forgotten about back when I only had 2 views a day.  So alas here is the character list

(okay i never realized how many they were, so lets stick to ones who made multiple appearances)

Tristan aka Stan– That would be me. First introduced in “Start“, I’m an accountant/aspiring writer/hopeless romantic

“Dad”– We have an awkward relationship but I love him no less…see “Influence” and “Fatherhood

“Mom”– Tragically lost to cancer 3 years ago, referenced in “Goodbye

“Brother”– Older brother who just can’t seem to keep it together, main appearance: “Brother

“Sister”– Well there’s three, two older one younger, so far only one referenced was my nephews mother in “Fatherhood”

“She”-Most recent ex after 2+ years, our relationship is referenced a lot primarily in “Safe” and “Man“.

“Her”– First love, despite having a rocky off/on affair, as referenced in “Titles

“Miss”– Close friend, there was romantic interest at one point, but mainly she’s the Elaine to my Jerry Seinfeld

Ms.– Summer romance, but as referenced in “Insanity”, we ended up nowhere fast, also she HATES this blog.

“Broke Poem Girl”– We dated briefly (see “Borrow“) there was no chemistry, known primarily for always asking for something.

“Madame”– Perhaps the worst relationship I ever was in, mainly discussed in “Unrequited” and “Closure

Also you will notice I talk about Beyonce, Jay-Z, make fun of the Los Angeles Lakers and Baltimore Ravens whenever I see an opportunity, a bunch Notorious B.I.G. lines, losing weight, I love green grapes and egg nog (not together that’s gross) and I’m really extremely ridiculously sarcastic.  And now new readers, you’re all caught up, old readers consider yourself refreshed.





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