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Today’s Word is… DIET

I’m not a dieter, somebody lied. I got a whopper in the car, with some fries.  *Rick Ross grunt*  I actually hate whoppers, mayonnaise bleh.  As some may know, I’m on a tear to lose 100 lbs by the end of 2012. I’m about 25 lbs away (currently weighing in at 227, no Marla Gibbs) with 2 months to go and statistically speaking as things go currently, I will fall short (i lose about 1.8-2.2 lbs/wk =14.4-17.6 lbs, so maybe I’ll just lie and threaten people to keep up the lie like Lance Armstrong).  However, that’s on my current path, which isn’t the most neatly paved one.  I eat what I want, when I want and pretty much cancel it out via fasting and intense workouts.  Going forward, I will take a better road, becoming a little more aware of what I’m eating.  I won’t call it a diet however; diets to me I think about sweating bullets resisting the urge to eat a cookie. Damn that I’m a grown man, if I want a cookie, I’ll eat a cookie. What the following is more of a manly masculine male guide to follow for the next 58 days *cue explosions, chainsaws , bikini clad women and pitbull barks*

awwww yeah.

You don’t win friends with salad: That line alone is why “Lisa the Vegetarian” is still my favorite Simpsons episode, that and “Homer versus the 18th amendment”,  I’d actually pay for my own Netflix account if they had The Simpsons on there…okay I’m rambling.  If you’re out with people you’re not thinking about healthy food choices, especially if you’re with the homies.  Simple solution, bring lunch instead of going out with coworkers, find other date activities besides dinner.

Nothing fried, died and laid to the side: This something I been doing actually, give or take a few times I just wasn’t trying to wait 50 years to bake chicken.  Being able to grill also helped but now summer’s over I don’t want to fall into the habit of frying food.  I haven’t bought oil in a while and I’m not a fan of cooking spray so without the means it’s kind of hard for me to do anyway

Taking out Take Out: Easier said than done, I’m incredibly lazy. Most of the time I get fast food its because I don’t want to cook or don’t want to wash dishes.

 The cliche of all cliches, eat your vegetables.  I eat plenty of fruit but I need to sneak in more vegetables into more meals besides dinner.  Load up an omelette with some, snack on carrots instead of grapes, and I could have a v8 but they’re gross.



Blame it on the Alcohol: If Diddy released a Ciroc Zero today, I’d write him for President on Tuesday.  I’m not a big drinker anyways but I will limit drinking at almost all costs.  Light beer tastes like disappointment anyways.

White Power: I haven’t ate too much red meat period, going forward I will cut it out completely.  Pork as well (i know i know its not red meat but still bye bacon).

Black Power:  All white is not created equalI will also cut white rice, white bread and white pasta, in favor of brown rice and whole grains

Then there’s, logging food to stay accountable, continuing my normal exercise routine, and no cheat meals; there’s a day for that called “Thanksgiving” coming up.  We’ll see where I am when its all said and done, maybe I’ll give an update next month assuming i’m not failing miserably.  It’s still not a diet tho.






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