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Today’s word is… INTIMIDATION

“I Ain’t Scared of You Motherf***as” -The Late Great Bernie Mac

So I’m on the train nodding out to this frustratingly average Dedication 4 mixtape and I notice someone staring at me.  I glance at my observer….caramel skinned, one of them flowy dresses that probably has a name but I don’t know because I’m a man, straight black hair, pretty face with just the right amount make up, not bad.  I smile at her, she smiles back, she has 3 rows of teeth.  -__- I see the rows moving I think she’s talking to me, she says “hey Tristan, been a while”.  A lightbulb goes off finally, I know her, she was jaggermouth or sabertooth something like that #kidsarecruel.  I think we were talking at some point too.  She didn’t dress as well and her hair wasn’t as up kept back then, she was somebody’s sister, cousin or homegirl and I simply was the wingman when we met.

Thinking about it now, I was always somebody’s wing man before I even knew of the word.  I was the always the one to talk up the homegirl, the bad built cousin, or the flat out mean ones.  Ironically enough, because I knew I had no expectations outside of keeping her busy, I was a lot more confident than I otherwise would be.  Then on my own pursuits, scared to death, scared to look, I’m shook. I counted myself out a lot, I was always willing to be the decoy because I didn’t think I was worthy of the actual target.  Part of that is just being introverted; I sit back and assess the situation, weigh the odds, and act accordingly depending on my comfort level.  Simply put; going for what’s easier.

Over time, I grew out of that phase and started to challenge myself pursue women who you would think wouldn’t be interested; more successful, extremely more attractive, older…and the results was no different from the girls I was chasing on back in the day.  Give or take a few who were just too full of themselves they are probably writing Strawberry Letters to Steve Harvey asking why can’t they find a man, these “intimidating”, unapproachable, out of my league women want nothing different from any other woman.  In fact, they were actually intimidated by me for some reason.

Myself, I’m probably as un-intimidating as you can get, like Michael Strahan on a daytime talk Show.  I’m cute but not unbelievably handsome, I’m not exactly balling out of control, and I don’t exactly have women lined around the corner like *some* would assume.  Speaking of, that’s perhaps the main thing that has come up as of late; competition. However, that’s still not so much me as if it is one woman sizing herself up to another. I ain’t sh*t. Honestly.  But alas the difference between men and women, intimidating women apparently don’t need a man, intimidating men apparently got enough women so they are conveniently bypassed and admired from afar.  If only if these “intimidating” men and women would find each other, it would work out surely, right?  Well I tried that. Her name was “Ms.”.


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