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[EDITORS NOTE: Suffering from a mild case of writers block, I asked readers to give me a word, most were common names and food so alas I ended up with this one…*Kanye shrug*]

Yes 14 posts in and I’ve already resorted to made up words. Sue me.  So what is a flirtationship, it’s as the name suggest a flirting relationship, nothing more, nothing less. There’s several types of flirtationships: there’s the online flirtationship, common on Twitter, message boards and blogs.  There’s the Workplace flirtationship;  This is the one you tease throughout the work and causes whispers at the water bubbler, it’s like Jim and Pam from The Office before NBC forced them to be together because every show has to have a forced will they/won’t they couple. There’s the Customer Service flirtationship;  this is people who are paid to like you but you think it’s more anyways see cashiers, waitresses, strippers.  There’s levels of flirtationships; there’s thirst, casual, and what if.  The thirst is usually one sided,compliments which are shrugged off. Casual is mutual, there’s attraction but not enough to make either act upon it.  Then there’s what if the most dangerous where it becomes more than jokes and innuendo you start wondering what if, but again never acting on it.

I. Don’t take the flirtationship too seriously– Unless stated otherwise, flirting should be taken as just that.  Personally, I’m very oblivious, if a girl is throwing obvious signs I’ll probably still miss it.  I’m also oblivious to the fact that she might take what I’m saying to the head.

II. Don’t take the flirtationship outside of the original realm–  Perhaps a personal preference but if I flirt with you casually online, I don’t care to meet you.  What happens at the workplace stays at the workplace.  Why am I weird like that? Because it kills the mystique of it.  I don’t want to find out the cute waitress is really engaged or one of my twitter followers is really not as she say.

III. Don’t ruin actual relationships with Flirtationships- It goes without saying but most women I’m actually with, hate how flirty I am.  No matter how much I try to assure otherwise it’s a losing battle so obviously if it comes down to the flirtationship or actual relationship, relationship wins all the time, like rock over scissors.  In that same regard, like rule #1, don’t take me too seriously, don’t lose your husband over me.

IV. Flirtationships rarely evolve into anything more- As I is to III, II is to IV.  When one tempts fate and tries to take the flirtationship to the next level it rarely works. Why? Because usually flirtationships are based off superficiality.  Men and women usually flirt because there isn’t much else to talk about.

This is the part where I usually apply the word to my own life but I got nothing.  I enjoy my flirtationships, they’re silly, spontaneous and boost my already large heh heh heh ego.  But of course flirtationships aren’t for everybody, engage at your own discretion.



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