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Today’s Word is… LOCATION



I suck at giving directions.  I know how to get places by my own accounts but ask me for directions at your own risk, I’m going to give the best sounding guess you ever heard. Its 2012 there’s an app for that.  However I’m always asked for directions, after all I live in a big city full of tourism attractions. I’m from Boston, the city just as busy as New York but with 47% less douchebaggery.  I love Boston.  I love the people(somewhat), the mayor  who I’m convinced will remain mayor for the next 20 years if you let him, the sports teams even though the Red Sox is trying to make me go grey at 24 like I’m Andrew Bynum or something.  It’s the perfect city for my career field, busy enough to keep me entertained, dead enough that it’s not overwhelming.  I could never envision myself leaving (I was sold on going out of state for college and chickened out), but now I’m not so sure.  Could hop in a cab and yell “Holmes to somewhere? “


This can’t be life.

Lately I’ve been feeling like it’s now or never.  There’s not much keeping me here.  Sure there’s the obvious one, friends and family, but even them I see on occasions. What difference would it make if I lived 30 minutes from the city or 4 hours away?  There are places I could see myself living but could I make the plunge?  Brainstorming I’ve come up with a top 4 (well not really a top 4, my actual top 4 are similar as are my reasons, I just picked my 4 most diverse)

4. Houston- I’ve never been to Houston or Texas at all really. But for some reason I feel like I’d fit there.  And no it’s not just because some of the baddest women I ever seen have come from there.  There are a lot of financial jobs there so that’s right up my alley but then again I hate the heat.

3. Los Angeles- One of my first dreams was comedy.  I never could see myself going full out stand up, I don’t have the stage presence of all that.  I settled for a more realistic dream of comedy writer, behind the scenes.  However, this is a distant last place pick because I can’t see myself working for 6.65 an hour living in a rooming house, waiting for my big break.

2. D.C. – I was about 75% sure about going to Howard University.  My guidance counselor begged me to reconsider, struggling to find the least offensive way to say that I was above an HBCU.  A couple years later, I and my then girlfriend had plans to move to D.C. after school, but we didn’t work out.  There’s still part of me that is curious about living there.


Can I take my talents to the Two Up Two Down?

1. Richmond- I have plenty of family across VA and my father who finally left Boston well into his late 40s lives not too far in North Carolina.  In essence I wouldn’t be leaving my family, simply hanging on another branch of the family tree.  Miss is also moving there, that’s another incentive, but I’m not sure if that’s the best move career wise

I just don’t see how I could pick up and leave for good.  Maybe live temporarily but start a new life completely? I’m not sure.  My mother left Indiana and never looked back, my father wishes he had left Boston sooner, could I be somewhere on my hovercraft (yes I demand a hovercraft in the next 20-30 years, scientists) thinking about how leaving Boston was the greatest decision I ever made, or still here wondering why didn’t I go.  Who knows? *hums hook to “I’m on One”*


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