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Today’s Word is… ATTRACTION


Beyonce thirst…going 15 years strong

I was 9 years old, sitting in the living room coloring, playing with toys, or something 9 year olds did before they got iphones and stopped learning cursive writing.  My sisters were doing what teenage girls do; talking and watching music videos, back when music videos used to come on television and you didn’t have to go on Youtube or watch MTV at 4am.  I happened to glance up at the screen when this one music video was on.  It was a girl group, singing a repetitive chorus that was hard to ignore.  I could take my eyes off the lead singer with the shorts, who’d we all eventually come to know as Beyonce.  For the next 3-4 minutes, I was captivated, the voice, the smile, the lips on the one that wasn’t Kelly or Latoya (of course 9 year old me had NO clue what i was thinking about).  In that one instance, Beyonce became my 2nd crush, behind this girl my older brother used to talk to.  They were both similar in a way light skinned, pretty smile, long hair, and at 9 years old that became my thing. However, not long after my first kiss was from a chubby dark skinned girl, years later my first girlfriend ever, a chubby dark skinned girl.

Women always ask me “what types of girls you like” and my answer is really I don’t have one.  Today, my exes/boos/celebrity crushes are all across the spectrum of different sizes, shades and shapes.  Personalities, ages, and careers are just as diverse.  However, attraction is such a primal feeling, there has to be something that grabs my attention instantly, right? So for the sake of blogging, I’ve took various boos/exes and came up with the things that attracted me most about them



Large breasts-Just saying.

Smile– Smile is probably the most vain thing I would judge a woman on.  A nice smile is usually my green light to approach in the first place, so y’all mean mugging single chicks in the store need to loosen some face muscles

Voice– Another vain one, but this at least ties into conversation.  Accents, sweet voice will make me want to talk to you more. More I talk the more I learn, the more I learn the more I like.

Style- I’m no fashion guru, however I do take pride in my dress and a woman who does the same gets my attention.  I’ve dated some women who dress they behind off others who just looked good in anything.


Modesty– Out of the bunch I think 3 were strictly physical attractions.  I don’t want what everyone is drooling over, I want my own.  I like a girl that doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Intelligence- I like intelligent women as long as they’re not smarter than me.  Impress me. Challenge Me.

Some of these traits jump out instantly (no pun intended on the boobs), others might take time to discover, however attraction is instant.  It’s an urge that turns a woman from a stranger to someone you want.  Not to say I will jump at every fly, big breasted woman who smiles at me but my attention will be grabbed. It all becomes what is done with it afterwards.



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