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Today’s Word is… SORRY

Awww…n shit

I hate apologies.  I hate giving them, I hate receiving them.  It’s the anti-oral #seewhatididthere.  Apologizing is a very humbling experience, recognizing you’re wrong and then asking someone to accept you and your mistake, the worst.  Some people have no pride, they apologize all the time, 5 nights a week like a sitcom in syndication.  The thing is these shameless apologists aren’t even doing it properly. There’s three key elements to an apology: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, AMENDS, and the most important CEASE.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  Knowing what you did was wrong.  This isn’t the time to plead your case, talk about what the other person did, and use a bunch of well, but stills.  Get some hot sauce and eat your crow.  Also there’s a difference between apologizing for what you did wrong and apologizing for the fight/argument itself.  “She” was good for that, she’ll apologize for everything but the whole reason the argument started in the first place. -__-

AMENDS: Not always necessary, but its a nice gesture.  At least offer.  Especially if you caused any financial or physical damage.

CEASE: What’s the point of apologizing for something you are going to do again?  If you find yourself apologizing for the same thing, all you’re doing is ruining your own credibility.  Credibility is lost quickly and regained 10 times slower.  Someone like me, once I can’t take your words seriously I never will, whether I openly express it or not.

I’m always being apologized to.  Is it because I’m a genuinely nice guy who keep being taken advantage of and disrespected? Perhaps. Is it really because I’m petty as hell and hold grudges and most think that an apology is the only solution? Probably.  Are they ever “proper” apologies? Nope.

“Her” is good for apologizing without acknowledgment.  EVERYTHING is always my fault as well.  Or of course it’s just half hearted and sarcastic as hell (perhaps she’s been around me too long)…missing ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

“Ms” apologized for overreacting to a post.  She was sincere, accepted responsibility, I guess I just want more.  A gesture some kind of assurance that you really felt bad and its not because you’re bored and don’t feel like being mad at me anymore…missing AMENDS

“She” apologizes all the time.  To the point her apologies hold as much weight as the “other” brand of paper towels in a Bounty commercial…missing CEASE

Myself, I don’t apologize unless its truly sincere.  I’ll be the a-hole, at least I’m real about it.  Most of the time I’m not sorry, I meant what I said, I would do it again if I had to or if its a situation you and I both know it was an accident, I’m not about to beg forgiveness. I’m a naturally empathetic person, so if I really don’t feel moved enough to apologize there’s usually a reason.  Sorry.



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